… Did it?

After a couple of weeks exchanging a torrent of messages with my latest date, we finally met up for a drink. FINALLY!

He finished work late, and kindly offered to meet me at a pub near to mine, so that I didn’t have too far to travel afterwards. I was sat in my flat waiting for the “I’ve finished work, I’ll be 20 minutes text” when I got “Some arsehole has nicked my shirt, all I’ve got is a football shirt” I laughed a lot. And it would be the only time I would laugh properly all night.

Despite arguing the toss about a certain amount of chocolate being able to kill you. (Google didn’t produce anything fruitful), we went our separate ways after just one drink. I got a message to say that he had made it back, I replied and said so had I… and I haven’t heard from him since.

Like this post, the date wasn’t particularly exciting. When will it end?

This slump is boring me now! I am moving jobs in a few weeks, and will be around (hopefully) very hot men a lot! Someone give me a date with someone fun.