So I think my dating karma has come around bit firmly on the arse.

To say that the date was a dud well. I would be lying. It was boring as hell. He really didn’t look like his pictures at all, and was dull. I tried to put him off by telling stories of my drunkeness, and calling everyone in my phonebook. You would have thought this would have put him off. . No, far from it. He text only 30 minutes after leaving each other to ask to meet up again. I politely declined. Apparently my stories were “Classic”. Every time he said this it made me shudder, and thinking about it does too now. I’m pretty sure when anyone says it from now on, I’ll shudder again.

I think my running away from Mr Hit and Run has royally fucked off the dating gods, and so therefore they are not working in my favour.

I have decided to give the online dating a little rest for the time being. I am going to make more of an effort to meet people in the real world! It can’t be that hard. People have been getting into relationships for millenia in London.