Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Nothing and I mean literally nothing has been happening in my world of dating of late.

I have a date lined up on Thursday, but apart from that nothing else. More on that soon.

As a result of the lack of love the past few weeks, I took to the drunk dialling. We’ve all been there (I hope it’s not just me anyway). After one too many drinks, on the way home in the cab you start going through your phone and ringing the majority of the contents. This weekend was no exception. But this weekend it got messy!

Friday night after a few drinks in Covent Garden a cab ride back to my friends flat involved a couple of innocuous calls to various people in my phone. One which involved the following left as a voicemail “Arsehole” To which my friend said “I feel like I should stop you doing this right now” I replied with “Nah he’ll find it funny”. I think he did. I had a txt the next morning asking if I had been out the night before. He didn’t seem offended anyway!

For the most part my drunken voicemails are hilarious! One of my closest male friends regularly receives calls. This weekend being no exception. Two of my favourite instances are a) the nine voicemails left on a journey home singing everything from the American National Anthem to Lady Gaga (he said it was possibly the funniest thing he has ever heard in his life and in my defense, I was with two other girls who happily joined in the singing) and b) singing happy birthday to him a la Marylin Monroe, 3 months prior to his actual birthday. He didn’t get a birthday message on his actual birthday however!

So yes, usually they are hilarious. Well I think so anyway.

Well Saturday evening things took a turn for the worse. You’ll remember I told you about Mr On and Off  and his new girlfriend. Well a few weeks back at our mutual friends BBQ I met the girlfriend. It was odd.. whilst I felt no jealousy it was awkward none the less. I tried really hard to be normal, but these situations aren’t normal. I tend not to keep in touch with ex’s because well it’s awkward when you meet the new girlfriend. But unfortunately we have mutual best friends, and it will be very difficult to stay out of each others lives. So it baffles me as to why he has lied to the girl about what we mean/meant to each other over the last 10 years. During the day she spoke to one of my best friends and said that Mr On and Off had told her what had happened with us. To be honest I was a little shocked, because he never really acknowledged that anything was ever going on when it was. So why now?

This Saturday on my cab journey home, I did the usual thing of calling everyone. Except this time I rang Mr On and Off. I don’t know why.. it wasn’t because I felt anything for him. Just very drunk and calling everyone (including all the mates as well). There was no answer which I expected, but what I didn’t expect was for the girlfriend to call me back. Understandably she asked me not to do it again. I told that I understood and wouldn’t, but wanted to reassure her that it meant nothing, and that I call everyone. I don’t know how, but we ended up on the subject of my relationship with Mr On and Off. She seemed to know little of what actually happened, and proceeded to let him know that he had in fact told her that I was obsessed with him for 10 years. I left it at that. It wasn’t my place to start telling her that actually yes I was completely in love with him, but that he had in fact messed me about for 8 years, and I told him 2 years ago to do one, and that I was done with it. And that for the last 2 years, he has continued to pursue the subject, and said that he still thinks we’ll end up together.

So I left it, got off the phone. There was a little more to the conversation than that, but nothing relevant, so I won’t bore you!

I was distraught, I had been made out to be some kind of obsessed girl who for the past 10 years has chased him constantly! Couldn’t be further from the truth. I then spent the next 2 hours ringing absolutely everyone including people I wouldn’t normally. Notably my best friend and my brother. In absolute tears.

I spoke to one of my friends who calmed me down, and reminded me that this was the guy who left me to deal with something really bloody huge and proceeded to tell everyone I lied about it. She then told me to delete him from my phone. Which I did straight away. All in all a pretty crappy end to an otherwise good evening!

If I have learnt one lesson it’s that I might think a bit more carefully before I pick the phone up and start ringing people. Not because I ended up really upset, but because my phone would not stop ringing the next morning! I joke of course, I am so lucky to have so many friends who care so much about me, that they thought something might be up when I called at 3am. I’m truely blessed.

Anyway onwards and upwards now. Date night Thursday.. more to follow!