On Saturday afternoon, I watched as my sister turned from a Miss into a Mrs. As her maid of honour and older sister, I expected tears. There were none. I felt a bit bad as I felt I should have had a little lump. Instead, I couldn’t stop giggling at certain bits. I swear the registrar loved a bit of the old innuendo.

Unfortunately my success rate at pulling at weddings has gone from 100% to just 50% in one foul swoop. But given the standard, I’m not surprised.

However during my few days back in my home town I started chatting to a young man via Dating Direct.

28, works in recruitment. Currently nursing a foot injury and in a cast, so whilst I am not normally one to wait for weeks before meeting up with a guy, I have agreed to wait 3 weeks until he is out of his cast. He seems sweet enough. So should there be anyone in between now and then I shall honour the date regardless.

He is a little forward, but not to the point that I want to slap him. He’s also heavy on the compliments, but not like hit and run who went way over the top, which I’m pretty sure was to overcompensate.

Wish me luck!