A week on Saturday my little sister is getting married. She is 21.. Now whilst I can hear the lot of screaming “God she’s so young”, it’s the right thing for her to do. I’ll be honest, I did think WTF, and “but I’m much older than you, it’s my turn first” I’m happy for her and wish her a lifetime of happiness.

That aside, we come onto the important matter of the fact that I am going to be going alone. She told me I couldn’t have a plus 1, which to be honest I was fine with as I have no one to take. However originally she did tell me that I would need to have someone serious in my life by February to qualify for a plus 1. That was last summer. When I met Mr Wales and thought it was going somewhere, I thought great he can be my plus one. Alas it did not work out. So from then on, everyone I’ve met up until February I’ve thought “Well if this works out, he can be my plus 1” After February that stopped, but I was thinking, oh what a shame if this works out I won’t be able to take him to my sisters wedding. It got me thinking, do I meet people and plan for them being in my future. God help me if I do!!! I’d hate to think I do. It does sound it though.

It then brings me to the subject of “The Single Older Sister” I am lucky enough to have the honour of being my sisters Maid of Honour, and as such I’m sure I’ll get a few “ooo it’s your turn next”. I’ll have to kindly remind them that I am in fact completely single, so single in fact that the last time I slept with someone, it actually put me off for a bit! I’m looking forward to the, “When are you going to find yourself someone”. I swear my family thinks I’m beating them off with a shitty stick! I bloody wish. I told you about my Nan who thinks I’m too picky. I have a friend who thinks I should settle down as well. I’m trying love, I’m really trying! Haha..

Anyway wish me luck!