In the past two weeks I have found out that as many of my ex’s are now seeing other people. I told you about Mr Wales the other day. I wasn’t sure what the weird feeling I was feeling was, but it was weird none the less.

Now last night, I met up with a couple of my best guy mates in London as they were visiting from my home-town. I’ve known them for just about 10 years, and I know them through another one of my friends, Mr On and Off, who this post is about. One of them told me that Mr On and Off now had a girlfriend. I was genuienly happy for him. I still consider him one of my closest friends and want him to be happy, and I really do hope things work. When asked if I was upset by the revelation, I can honestly say I wasn’t, just more surprised.

Let me give you a bit of a back story..

I met Mr On and Off nearly 10 years ago now. We met through a school friend who he was working with at the time on her 18th birthday. He put his number in my phone when I drove us all home. We text for a bit, and even went out a couple of times. But things never really took off. We continued to hang out though, as I was friends with someone he worked with, so was always out on nights out together, and obviously met the two guys I was out with last night.

Over the years things continued to happen.. we’d go out on dates, on nights out we’d hook up and end up back at one or the others. It continued for years, and about 3 years ago we fell out over something that I don’t feel ready to share with you all just yet! It took just over a year to make up and we managed to avoid each other for the entire time. When we did make up, things started back up again and I honestly thought things might be going somewhere properly that time. That was just under 2 years ago, and I was wrong. Despite liking him, and wanting things to go somewhere with him, it didn’t and he bailed again. It was the usual story and after 8 years of it, I’d had enough of waiting, and called a stop to it.

In the entire time I’ve known him, he has never had a girlfriend! Ever! So you can imagine my shock when it turns out he has been seeing someone for the last 6 weeks or so.

Anyway.. I really do hope things go well for him, if he is really serious about it.