What an odd thing to have happened.

Let me start at the beginning. I met Mr Wales nearly a year ago now, and we went out for about 6 or so weeks, having a bloody marvelous time. I was a little shocked and disappointed when six weeks in, he ended things and didn’t think things were going anywhere… although the night before he was all to happy to sleep with me. That’s besides the point.

At the time we rarely spoke, if at all, but after a while I realised I quite missed him being in my life, and initiated contact with him to say we should go for drinks. Which we did, several times. One night after being blown out by a guy at work (That’s an entirely different story that I will enlighten you with at some point), I decided that I thought I still liked Mr Wales and tried to kiss him. It was horrible, and we both felt it. It was like kissing my brother. Weird. From that moment on I knew I didn’t have feelings for him a at all but actually just enjoyed being around him and having him as a mate. He was a very nice bloke and when I got run over he came and sat with him in the hospital even braving my Mum.

We’ve continued to speak, going out for drinks.. me leaving random voicemails or having drunken calls, which he tells me he really enjoys and are highly entertaining. I am the queen of the drunk call, and regularly make a twat of myself. I thought nothing of any of it, even when friends giving me that look of, oh you’re just friends, you sure you don’t like him. I don’t, not like that. I don’t have the desire to jump his bones anymore. To be honest I don’t even find him attractive anymore, and honestly not too sure what I saw in the first place. I guess it was his sense of humour and that Welsh accent.

However today I saw something on Facebook that took me by surprise. He is now in a relationship. Well it must be serious, it’s Facebook official. To be honest, he never really struck me as the type of person to broadcast that sort of info over Facebook, being a little bit older, but oh well. I’m not sure what I’m feeling icky about! Is it..

  • The fact that he has a girlfriend
  • The fact that he has a girlfriend before I’ve met anyone
  • The fact that I found out through Facebook

I know that he doesn’t owe me anything. Whilst I would consider us friends, we’re not particularly close, but I guess as someone he continues to see on a semi-regular basis and as someone he used to have rather active sex with should he have at least mentioned it to me?

I really don’t know you!

It calls for one thing and one thing only.. I better get some dates lined up. Here’s hoping they are a bit better than the last few.