So if you’ve been following me on here or Twitter, you’ll know that I had a date last night.

And horray… it wasn’t so bad that I felt like running away within 5 seconds of meeting him. I was very worried after the last one (and sort of the one before that) that I was on a downward spiral of awful dates, and whilst yes it makes for funny stories, (There are no bad dates only good stories) (a great point made by my favourite male dating bloggers) it’s not so entertaining for me when I’m home before 8pm!

So imagine my surprise, when I found him fairly attractive. Not blow your socks off, jump my bones right now, but enough that wasn’t repulsed (God I do really sound like a bitch don’t I).

We’d arranged to meet at a pub, I got there first and went and found us a table (a novelty as I usually meet them at a station, or outside a pub first). I text to say where I was, and he found me. Unfortunately, I mistook him for a bar man initially. It was only on second glance that I realised it was him. Luckily I hadn’t gotten round to saying “It’s ok, I’m just waiting for someone” and realised before. Woops!

Date wise, he was a nice enough chap. We got on and there were no uncomfortable silences. Saying that, there rarely are when I’m there. I tend to fill them. (That’s another blog post “Did we really talk a lot, or was it me doing all of the talking”)

I would definitely go out with him, should he ask. We have been texting since, and about jokes that came up during the date, so cross fingers. I shan’t be gutted if we don’t. I’m not sure disappointed even covers it. But it would be a shame if we didn’t as there could be potential.

I’m just glad he was a nice enough guy that I enjoyed spending time with, and wasn’t completely bored. We had a little thing in common that really struck a cord with me, so I’d be keen.

Anyway I shall let you know. I have other stories about other things to say soon. So I shall get writing this weekend.

-UPDATE ON DATE- 23rd July 2011

We shall not be seeing each other again. I have just been informed! Oh well, more date stories, and it restored my faith in online dating.