This evening, I go on my first date since the buggering off incident. Woops!

I’m feeling a little apprehensive about it, as the last few dates have been a little disappointing. I’m not suggesting I’m after a relationship from this or even hints of one, just would like a bit of fun with them this evening.

My expectations of dates have changed as well now. To start with, I was concerned with how they would perceive me. Would they fancy me in the flesh? Do I live up to what they were expecting? Etc etc.. But after the last few, it’s the other way round. Will I fancy them in the flash, will they live up to what I want.

I’m not sure whether to put the butterflies in my stomach down to nerves or the fact that I got drunk last night for my housemates birthday. An hour long night bus from the Strand at 1am was not fun in the slightest. I had to wait for it for 20 minutes as well. To say I am tired today is an understatement.

Anyway – wish me good luck. I’ll update you all tomorrow evening about how it is.