On Saturday afternoon, courtesy of my friend over at http://www.londonbeautyqueen.com/ I am off to a great event she is organising called The Only Way is Blogging. http://www.towib.blogspot.com/
Apparently it’s going to be a great chance for bloggers of all different shapes and sizes focusing on different things to get together and chat about the world of blogging.

I wouldn’t normally mention such an event, expect that it is in the place that I had my very first online date way back in September 2008. The Pitcher and Piano in Holborn. And what a first date that was. I ended up with the guy for a whirl wind 3 months, but unfortunately he turned into a bit of a jackass! I think he liked the idea of a girlfriend much more than an actual girlfriend.

Anyway I have not been back since, so should be interesting to see if it brings back any memories.