I’m presuming by now, that the majority of you have seen this website Tube Crush. This post isn’t going to harp on about the sexist nature of the website. Yes, us girls would be horrified if we were subject to such sexual objectification (although come on and admit you’d be a little chuffed if you appeared on the site). Blah blah blah blah.

Nope, what I want to know is. Why don’t we talk to these people on the tube? You’ve seen the movie. Boy on subway (nearly always American), sees girl he likes. Approaches said girl to ask her out. In front of a packed train. Is rejected. Is not met by horror by the other passengers. Follows her off the train to pursue her. (A little bit weird, and if it was real life would probably have been met with a slap). Eventually girl gives in and agrees to go on a date. All live happily ever after. (Well depending on the film, I’ve seen a few that did not end so well).

OK, so this isn’t real life, and if you were to run after someone who had already rejected you, you would probably either a) get a slap or b) given a restraining order. But why don’t we try in the first place? Is it the fear of rejection? Or is it the fear of everyone laughing at you on the tube in the first place?

In a now defunct free evening London paper, there was a little column for people to try and get in touch with people they have eyed up on the train. I’m not going to lie, I used to sift through hoping I might find a description of me.. I didn’t! What I’d like to know is, do you think any of these people actually managed to meet. I do wonder.

With all of these ways in which to let your tube crush knowing you are ‘chrushing’ on them.. why can’t we just go up to them and ask them for their number?

I wonder if it really is different in New York and they do in fact ask people out on the trains there? It’s just adding another reason to my list of reasons to want to live and work over there!

Boys next time you’re on the tube and you see me looking, if you fancy me back.. ask me out please…