Last night I had possibly the worst dating experience….

After a week or so of chatting to a particular guy who we shall call Mr Irish, we arranged to meet at a well known station in London.

I had seen his pictures, and whilst I wasn’t blown away with attraction to him on first glance, I had decided to give it a shot, because after a recent family party where my Nan told me I was too picky with men, I thought she might be right. Damn that woman!

Anyway despite having my reservations from the off, I went along anyway with the hope that it might be a surprise… Oh and that it was. His pictures were clearly taken a good 5 years ago, and had clearly put on a severe amount of weight since then. Now please, don’t get me wrong, I am in no way a skinny minnie; far from it in fact, and I would never judge anyone based on their size. However his pictures were clearly not a true representation of him and I panicked. I was going to have to spend a good couple of hours with Mr Irish.

I’ve had a few dates in the past where I’ve seen the person in question and just not been as attracted to them as I was their pictures, but have gone on anyway. One guy who I wasn’t particularly attracted to, ended up being the best fun and we had an amazing date. We even spent a good six weeks dating each other and had some really fun times together. We’ve even remained friends to this day. So I hope it shows that I am not one to just dismiss people based on the way they look.

So having said hello, we went along to a pub. Awfully in the back of my head I was thinking, “God, how do I get out of this”. I came up with the cliche idea to go to the toilet and call my housemates and get them to ring me in 15 minutes to make my escape. Awful I know. So we reached the pub, we found a table, and before he could ask what drink I wanted I made my excuse to go to the toilet.. as it was I was in dire need of a wee!

I tried to find the loo, but after searching for it for a couple of minutes, I found myself by the door we had come in. So instead of going to the toilet and making my excuses… I legged it! Now there was no running involved, I was in heels; but I did walk very briskly towards the tube station. On the way I kept thinking “Should I go back, is it now too late to go back, what if he’s already gone and I bump into him on the way out, god what will I say.. Nope if I go back now, he’ll think I’ve been for a number 2, and I certainly don’t want him thinking that”

I have never done anything like that before. Never. I’ve sat through dates that were awful for hours on end and just wanted to escape, but not done so! I’ve had dull and boring dates, that I’ve wanted to leave, and most of the time they don’t last beyond a couple of hours. But I sat there none the less! One date was so mind numbingly dull that I decided to order us shots to get through the pain. But I still sat there… although saying that I was on crutches having just been run over the week before so there wasn’t really a way to run off!

Mr Irish.. I am so sorry for running out on you. If it’s any consellation I feel absolutely awful about it and know for a fact that my dating karma is about to come around and bite me on the arse. So feel free to gloat in my misery soon!

Oh and that wee? Had to wait until I got home. I was busting!

So yes, I will be going to hell!