Welcome to my world. It is a world full of not earning nearly enough money to live in London, friends doing things that I can’t afford and dating. A fair bit of dating. I’m a fairly recent addition to the London population and apparently I have been on more dates in my almost 3 years (on and off) here than my friend has in nearly 10 years. Now I don’t put this down to being in anyway more attractive than her! Far from it in fact. I put it down to being a lot more proactive and also….online dating, and a lot of it. I go through peaks and troughs with my dating. Sometimes I’ll forget to look at my profile for weeks on end, then visit and have an influx. It usually works this way, so apologies for the breaks in posts from time to time.

I’d also like to state from the offset that I am writing anonymously. First and foremost to protect myself but also to protect anyone I’ve been on a date with. I’ll also be referring to friends from time to time; they will be given aliases.

Lastly I don’t expect a huge amount of following. I’ve just been told I tell a story very well.. I thought I’d put it all down in writing to give me a chuckle when I’m old and wrinkly and hopefully out of the dating world.

Here’s to me!

Tonight I have a first phone call to a guy who I’ve been in touch with for several weeks. He’s been hassling me for this for a while. I’m not entirely sure I can be bothered. I’ll let you know!